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Specialist Trailer Hire

Trucks and trailers for spot hire, long-term rental or contract hire

We provide HGV trucks and trailers to keep your business moving.

From national fleets to a single truck and trailer. Whether you’re looking for spot hire, long-term rental or contract hire.

STH has an extensive range of specialist trailers, maintenance and breakdown services to meet your requirements.


Flatbed Trailer Hire

Flatbed Trailer Hire

Flatbed trailers, or ‘flats’, are generally used for steel, construction or agricultural work.

An extra option to improve productivity and reduce the handling costs of unloading is a Moffett Mounty. These truck or trailer mounted piggyback forklifts allow the driver to unload without waiting for a separate forklift.

Our flatbed trailers include:

  • Tri-Axle Flat
  • Tri-Axle Moffett Mounty Flat
  • Tri-Axle Tri Dec (Steer) Flat 10.5mtr
  • Urban Flat 10.5mtr
  • Moffett Mounty Fork Truck
  • Tri-Axle Extending Flats
Low Loader Trailer Hire

Low Loader Trailer Hire

Low loaders, or Machinery Carriers, are specialised trailers for transporting tall loads.

As the trailer bed is lower than traditional trailers, this gives the vehicle extra height clearance for bridges and overhead structures. While extending low loaders provide the extra length needed to handle longer cargo.

This makes low loaders ideal for carrying abnormal loads and heavy haulage. As well as construction equipment, plant and machinery.

Our low loader trailers include:

  • Tri-Axle Extending Semi Low
  • Tri-Axle Semi Low
  • Four-Axle Semi Low
  • Tri-Axle Low Loader With Hydraulic Ramps (Machinery Carrier)
Curtainsider Trailer Hire

Curtainsider Trailer Hire

Curtainsider trailers, or tautliners, protect cargo from the weather with flexible curtain sides.

The curtains make it easy to load and unload goods without the extra covers needed for a flatbed trailer.

These trailers also allow easy access to cargo for loading and unloading from either side with a forklift. The curtains can be opened fully or only as much as needed to access the load.

Our curtainsider trailers include:

  • Tri-Axle Curtainsider
  • Tri-Axle Curtainsider Tail Lift
  • Urban Curtainsider (Tri Deck) Tail Lift 10.5mtr
  • Urban Curtainsider Tail Lift
  • Tri-Axle Euro Liner Curtainsider
  • Tri-Axle Euro Liner Curtainsider Tail Lift
  • Tri-Axle Step Frame Double Deck Curtainsider
  • Tall Curtainsider 4.5mtr high
Euroliner Trailer

Euroliner Trailer Hire

The Euroliner Trailers combines the versatility of a curtainsider with the transport efficiency and ease typical of European road freight solutions.

These models are designed to facilitate extensive cargo protection while ensuring easy side loading and unloading capabilities.

Our Euroliner Trailer models include:

  • Tri-Axle Euroliner Curtainsider
  • Tri-Axle Euroliner Curtainsider Tail Lift
  • Euroliner Urban (short) Trailer
  • Moffett Loading Euroliner Trailer
  • Coil Well Euroliner Trailer
Box Van Trailer Hire

Box Van Trailer Hire

Box van trailers, or box trailers, are suitable for goods that need high security because of their solid walls.

Goods are loaded and unloaded through the rear doors and the trailer can include its own tail lift or the load can be emptied into a loading bay.

Our box van trailers include:

  • Box Van With Tail Lift
  • Box Van
Skeletal Trailer Hire

Skeletal Trailer Hire

Skeletal trailers are often used to transport containers because of their lightweight metal frame.

These trailers are either fixed length or extendible. While tipper skeletal trailers allow the loose content of containers to be tipped and unloaded.

Our skeletal trailers include:

  • Tri-Axle Sliding Skeletal
  • Tipper Skeletal Trailer
Ramp Trailer

Ramp Trailer Hire

Ramp trailers, also known as plant trailers or machinery carriers, are equipped with hydraulic ramps to enable vehicles to drive up onto the trailer bed for transport across the country.

This feature simplifies the process of moving heavy machinery or vehicles from one location to another.

Our Ramp Trailer models include:

  • 3 Axle Ramp Trailer
  • 4 Axle Ramp Trailer
  • Extending Ramp Trailer
  • Self-Track Axle Ramp Trailer
  • Rear-Steered Axle Ramp Trailer
Moffett Hire

Moffett Hire

An extra option to improve productivity and reduce the handling costs of unloading is a Moffett Mounty. These truck or trailer mounted piggyback forklifts allow the driver to unload without waiting for a separate forklift.

Our Moffett fleet is available as:

  • Moffett Forktruck
  • Moffett Flatbed Trailer
  • Moffett Curtainsider Trailer

Fork Truck and Trailer Hire

An extra option to improve productivity and reduce the handling costs of unloading is a fork truck and a trailer with a Moffett kit. The forks fit in the back, and it sits on the rear of the trailer.

Our Fork Truck & Trailer Hire options include:

  • Moffett Fork Truck & Trailer
  • Terberg Fork Truck & Trailer
  • 4-Way Moffett Fork Truck & Trailer

Specialist Trailers

Specialist trailers are used to carry abnormal loads. These trailers allow taller, heavier & wider cargo to be transported to the road. We have a range of manufactures on our fleet including Broshuis, Goldhofer, Faymonville, Nooteboom Trailers.

A tflastbed triple extender, also known as a blade carrier.

Flatbed Triple Extender Hire

Flatbed Triple Extender trailers, also known as blade carriers, are built to meet the specific needs of their specialised operators.

These trailers are ideal for extra long loads, such as wind turbine blades, bridge beams & very long poles.

Our Flatbed Triple Extenders specifications:

  • The ability to extends out to 36m.
  • Tri Axle
Our 3/4 axle Double Extend Step Trailer

Double Extend Step Trailer Hire

Double Extend Step trailers, are very similar to your standard semi low / low loaders which we stock, however these can extend out double the amount.

Our Double Extend Step trailers specifications:

  • The ability to extend 20m in the lower well
  • Runs at 920mm in the lower well
  • Full power assisted steering
  • 3 or 4 Axle
Our Wafer Deck Trailer

Wafer Deck Hire

Wafer deck trailers, are built to be able to handle difficult tall and heavy loads.

This is lowest trailer you can you use on the road,

Our Double Extend Step trailers include:

  • Runs at approx. 370mm
  • The ability Extends 12m in the lower well
  • Detachable neck
  • This is a 2 Axle trailer.

Truck & Van Hire

Tractor Unit Hire

Tractor Unit Hire

Tractor units have a variety of commercial uses – from distribution of goods to construction and heavy haulage.

Our fleet includes 6×2 tractor units.

Rigid Truck Hire

Rigid Truck Hire

Rigid vehicles are ideal for commercial deliveries, especially for consumer goods.

Many are equipped with a tail lift so the goods are easily accessible.

Our fleet has 7.5 Tonne, 18 Tonne and 26 Tonne rigid vehicles with a variety of types:

  • Curtain Body
  • Flatbed Body
  • Box Body
STH Van Hire

Van Hire

Van rental made easy with STH.

Ideal for builders, goods transport, parcel deliveries, small removals, etc – available on medium and long-term hire. The fleet includes a variety of vans, within our Leeds and Rotherham based depots :

  • Ford Transit Connect (Van – SWB)
  • MAN TGe (Panel Van – LWB)
  • Mercedes Sprinter (Panel Van – LWB)
  • And many more…
HGV Trucks and Trailer hire

HGV Trucks & Trailers for Hire

With a diverse range of trailers and trucks, we can supply all your haulage needs.

We can help you with standard, specialised or custom-built trailers and a choice of hire options. All the vehicles in our fleet are available from either our Leeds or Rotherham depots.

Truck and Trailer Hire Options

Spot Hire

Spot hire, or short-term hire, provides trailers & vehicles for the smallest of jobs or for extra capacity in busy periods.

No minimum hire period. Quick & easy solution. No ties to return the assets as and when needed.

Long-Term Rental

Long-term rental is a popular option to improve your haulage capacity for longer periods.

Cheaper rental costs so it’s easy to budget and plan ahead, included fleet maintenance and servicing, 247 breakdown line.

Contract Hire

Contract hire is a great way to lock in a set price on the assets you need, choose brand-new purpose built or our existing fleet.

We can look to replace the assets at the end of the contract to keep your fleet looking new

With increased rates from suppliers year on year, this makes it easier to budget and plan ahead.

Included fleet maintenance and servicing, 247 breakdown line.

Truck & Trailer Maintenance and Breakdown Support

Maintenance and Breakdown Support

All our hire options include maintenance and breakdown support to keep you on the road:

  • 24/7 breakdown and recovery support across the UK and Europe
  • Assistance from 3 breakdown companies
  • 6/8 weekly inspections
  • MOTs
  • Tacho inspection for trucks/rigids
  • ADR certification
  • Tail lift inspection/weight test
  • Brake tests
  • General wear and tear check of tyres

The work is completed at STH’s sites in Leeds or Rotherham or can be carried out by our service agents across the UK. Maintenance is included in your rental costs unless it is for damage repairs that are chargeable.

Why Choose STH?

With over 50 years’ experience in the transport and haulage industry, we’re truck and trailer experts.

From spot hire, long-term rental and contract hire. To maintenance, MOTs and refurbishment.

We deliver all the HGV truck and trailer services your business needs in one place. That’s why local, UK and global companies trust STH for their specialist truck and trailer hire.

“High-quality service levels”

“The DHL Sheffield contract has been dealing with Specialist Trailer Hire for over 10 years now and the high-quality service levels have remained constant. The equipment provided is to the specification requested and all maintenance is dealt with in a timely manner at all times.”

James McCready
Transport Operations Manager DHL Supply Chain Sheffield UK

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